The Busy Woman’s Guide to Soulwinning (Paperback)

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Soul Winning-Connecting People to God Everywhere You Go

This book is ideal for teaching one-on-one, in small groups, or as a seminar. Some pastors are using it in their midweek services to teach their church family how to connect with others and win them to God. The Busy Woman’s Guide to Soul Winning is easily used as a teaching manual. Most of the chapters are written in outline form with guidelines and specific chapter points.

This book is written in a style that also encourages personal reading of the chapters followed with group discussion of the study guide questions. More than just reflecting on the chapter material, the study guides contain thought-provoking questions that facilitate group interaction and personal application.

The book is 276 pages long and includes study guides at the end of each of the fifteen chapters.

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