Detox Your Life DVD

How Fasting Restores Both Body & Soul

Finally, a resource that gives you both spiritual insight and medical information about fasting. Watch and begin to understand the amazing benefits you can receive from fasting.

This series provides instruction for how to:

* gain the most physical and spiritual benefits available from fasting.
* prepare for a fast, and end a fast.
* use alternative means of fasting when you have medical conditions.
* benefit from the various types of fasting methods.
* utilize fasting for breaking spiritual barriers and increasing your faith.

Get ready to detox your life!

About the Presenters:

REV. JASON SCISCOE International evangelist Jason Sciscoe has ministered for more than twenty years in churches, singles events, youth camps, healing crusades, leadership meetings and in prayer conferences. His prophetic voice and revelatory teaching is empowering saints and equipping leaders all around the world. For Triumph Ministries information and other empowering resources, please visit

JERRY SMUCKER M.D. Dr. Smucker graduated from Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1983 and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Geisinger Medical Center in 1987. He received his certification in 1987 with the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has practiced Internal Medicine in Columbus, Ohio since 1987 and is practicing at several hospitals in the Colombus area. In 2010, he became a Fellow in the Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine Fellowship. Dr. Smucker has been a licensed minister since 1993 and serves as the Executive Pastor at the Church Triumphant in Columbus, Ohio.

Price: $20.00