Discover how to align your busy days so that they are God centered and soul conscious. This guide is filled with real-life stories, hands-on tips, and practical strategies to empower you to connect others to God. This type of soul winning is fun, easy, and rewarding. Be the soul winner you have always longed to be!


A Personal Evangelism Guide
and Flexible Teaching Tool

  • Ideal for teaching one-on-one, in small groups or in church-wide seminars
  • 15 chapters written in outline form with chapter summaries
  • Chapter study guides contain thought-provoking questions that facilitate group interaction and personal application
  • Pastors are using it to teach a soul-winning series to both women and men.

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What Others Are Saying

“The true stories from her experience make the book more than a theory about soul winning; they provide proven techniques that will work. Kimberly makes it seem so natural and doable that anyone who reads the book will want to become a soul winner.”

Joy Haney
Author of ‘The Radiant Woman’, ‘How to Forgive When It’s Hard to Forget’ and fifty-two other inspiring books

“In her unique, authentic style, she teaches us that no matter how crazy our lives may be, we can still win the world one heart at a time.”

Nancy Grandquist
Recording artist, author, pastor’s wife, and inspirational speaker

“We were privileged to pastor this godly young lady…Kimberly Sciscoe exemplified a true love for souls far beyond the ordinary. This book is a ‘must have’ for the busy woman’s library!”

Jerry & Phyllis Jones
Speakers, authors of ‘Cheated-What to Do When Life Isn’t Fair’.

“Kimberly Sciscoe’s The Busy Woman’s Guide to Soul Winning is not only a book to read but a direction to pursue.”

Carlton Coon
Author of ‘Take Root’ and ‘Bear Fruit’