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Living in God’s Timetable

POSTED: December 12th, 2012 BY:

kalebOne year ago today, I held my long-awaited promise in my arms for the first time-Kaleb William Briggs Sciscoe. God had promised Jason and I that we would have a son more than fifteen years before. God ALWAYS keeps His promises; He just doesn’t always work on our timetable.

My favorite bumper sticker so far is: You Want to Make God Laugh? Tell Him Your plans.

This year has brought such awe and wonder and happiness. Promises that seemed forgotten suddenly took on life and moved from promise to provision. We went from dreaming about the promises to actually receiving the promises.

Ever notice how God is like that? It seems like nothing is happening, nothing is happening and then BANG! It all happens at once.

2012 was such a year for us. Not only did we hold our promised son in our arms, but God fulfilled another huge promise four weeks later. He sent us to a church family that we were to serve and lead. This was our “Big Bang” moment. We welcomed a newborn and new church family. Now that’s a reality check. It’s been a fast-moving machine ever since.

We have been pastoring in Houston, Texas now for ten months. They have been the most rewarding ten months of our lives. We are content and happy—right in the center of His will.

Kaleb is always smiling. At 30 pounds, he is one big bundle of joy! Kaleb is surrounded by people that love him at home and church; no wonder he stays happy.
One thing I’ve learned about the timetable of God is that when you’re waiting on His promise, things move slow, but once the promise get’s here it seems like you move 100 mph. So, if you’re in one of those waiting seasons, get your rest now. God may just be about to move you into the fast track.

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